Sometimes a raincoat is too bulky to schlep, and a plastic poncho just too tacky. That may be just the time for a RainRap. This softer, classier wrapping poncho of water-repellent polyester has a double-sided button closure and a built-in hood. And it's reversible, with a range of bright and/or muted color combinations, from black/gray to hot pink/orange, and a black/leopard print. The RainRap has a capelike flow and drapes to about 26 inches in length at the back. A longer version, the SpiritRap is 35 inches long, and comes in a variety of team color combinations for wet days at the stadium. The fast-drying, lightweight (8 ounces) cover-up is one-size-fits-all and stashes in an included travel pouch, which, in turn, stashes unobtrusively in a purse or knapsack until needed.


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